Shadow Consulting

It can take some courage to suggest to your client that he or she gather a couple hundred people in a room for three days to achieve organizational coherence on a key issue, or develop a plan for the future. And you would not be the first to be a little anxious about leading such a group that makes an important decision or does actual work (as opposed to exchanging information with presentations or panel discussions). Over the past 25 years we have helped many consultants take the leap into whole system engagements. We’re ready and able to help you. We are happy to remain in the shadows while you take center stage.

When you take the bold step of including whole system engagements in your practice, you will be delighted to discover that the outcomes usually exceed all expectations, that exotic facilitation skills are not required, and you will be called back again and again once the client finds out that the alignment of the whole system speeds up everything–especially implementation.

We’ve also helped consultants who have experienced the joy of leading a Future Search conference, or an Open Space meeting, or an Appreciative Inquiry Summit, but encounter a situation which does not fit any of the methods with which they are familiar, and would really like some encouragement to create a custom designed event.

Call us. We’ve done lots.